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RC Helicopters UK represents the cutting edge of remote controlled technology, and the perfect gift for helicopter and toy enthusiasts of all ages. Fun for the whole family, RC helicopter technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and now accounts for one of the biggest growth markets in the handheld radio-controlled industry. With technologies coming on leaps and bounds, it is perhaps not surprising that more competing manufacturers have got in on the act. For the avid helicopter fan, that means choosing a suitable helicopter to meet their needs has overnight become a more difficult process.

Choosing the right RC helicopters UK-wide needn’t be a national search operation. Provided you know what you’re looking for, you should be able to narrow down the field sufficiently in order to provide yourself with an easier purchase and make the best buying decision. So what should you be looking for in your RC helicopter hunt?

Choose Your Channels

These helicopters come in a number of different channel varieties, which brings different functionality (not to mention different price brackets), and depending on how you decide to use your helicopter, you may want to take care to ensure you’re buying the right thing. For the most basic needs, or for a kids or beginners RC helicopter, you should look towards the lower end of the market – a 2 channel RC helicopter has limited functionality, but is more than sufficient for indoor flying or just for a bit of fun.

For the more serious RC enthusiast, a 4 channel might be the better option, giving more dimensional control over the helicopter to make it more suitable for outdoor flying.

For the hardcore fan, a 6 channel will prove the most expensive, but allows the blades to be set to different positions in order to fly in all directions. Knowing which channel to go for is important, and a valuable thing you should take care to consider when choosing your ‘copter.

Gas or Electric?

If you’re serious about your RC helicopter UK shopping task, you’re going to need to investigate how you want your helicopter to be powered. Some helicopters run on electricity, whereas others run on gasoline/petrol, and you need to make sure you’re making a purchase along the right lines for your needs. If you’re looking at indoor flying, or short range flying, electric is probably the most cost effective way to go – not to mention the most environmentally (and neighbor) friendly.

Gas powered helicopters can make a serious noise which can cause problems if you’re looking for fly indoors, not to mention the fumes! While that is no doubt the case, electric helicopters simply don’t cut it for the most part when you’re considering serious outdoor flying, so in that sense its something of a balancing act to decide which power type best suits your needs.


It’s also imperative that you think about the range you need for your helicopter. Some RC copters move over short ranges, whereas others are designed to be flown over more serious distances, and of course, range broadly correlates to cost – the bigger the range, the more robust the technology required, and therefore the more costly the end product. Always ask about the range before committing to buy a particular helicopter – it’s essential to make sure you’re buying the right product.

Value For Money

You might also want to stop and think about the value for money offered by your RC helicopter UK. While there are a range of features and usability you want to take into consideration, it is also important that you make sure you’re not achieving these at too high a price. Whenever you’re buying a helicopter, make sure you’re getting bang for your buck is always important.

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