Jan 17

JConcepts Splitters 1/10th Buggy Rear Tires

For loose and slick track conditions

By Paul Onorato | Today, 11:29 AM


When you are faced with loose and/or slick track conditions for your 1/10-scale buggy, JConcepts as the answer with its new Splitters 2.2” buggy rear tires. This micro-point tire is composed of “Split-bar” that alternate from horizontal and vertical positions and this provides both forward and side-bite. JConcepts utilized the low-profile Bar Code tire carcass for the Splitters which allows the tread to extend to the outer edges. This design offers the best balance between tons of forward traction and beneficial side-bite. Now add in the soft tire compounds (soft, super soft, mega soft)) which will help tame the harshest of track conditions.


  • Available in Soft (blue) and sticky, Super Soft (Green) and Mega Soft (Black) compounds
  • Split-bar tread with alternating horizontal and vertical positioning
  • Micro-pin lugs, individually spaced
  • 2.2” bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
  • Includes firm And-1 foam inserts
3071-01 Blue-soft $19.00/pair
3071-02 Green-super soft $19.00/pair
3071-07 Black-mega soft $19.00/pair

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